Fight to the End.

What is life when there is no excitement or joy? It’s nothing. It’s boring and a waste, for the person who lives in a world of false hood is nothing but a dog which barks for the hell of it. Life needs to have meaning and a reason because the daily routine of work and being a materialistic slave can be pretty rough on our minds. The boss is on top of you because he/ she is the boss being a pain in your rear. You find yourself in the; I’m screwed zone and you start to wonder what in the world happened. What happened is that you decided to follow the rest of the world but your own world? We all can create within our minds our own world and live in it and make it happen. The problem with people is that they have no patience. And don’t allow the unbelievable to happen. We are realist in life and we don’t allow fantasy to play a role in it. We lose faith in our own goals because we fail, then here came’s the skeptics to justify our emotions.  We feel that we are out of the circle of magic and continue to fall behind for we lost our feeling of happiness. We only feel regret for we lost our battle with life and become dead and worthless. I have seen many bad times and just like a prize fighter I continue to get back up. I have never been knocked down long enough to fail. Life has to continue even when it doesn’t go our way. Because when the shit it’s the fan it means that the Calvary is coming. It means that you are closer to your dream, and that your dream is near. So we should never give up. I rather die trying than to live never knowing what if? I see it in a lot of people every day they just let go of their glory a little bit too soon. So remember that we should fight till the end because win or lose you will grow.

May your dream come alive in 2013 J

Tyrone Garcia; Author of the Book

“Soap that doesn’t clean” you can purchase a book here.

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