“Where tyranny is law revolution is order” Albizu Campos

For some of us Puerto Ricans living in the United States is great. We are so called Americans and we have the rights as of the American people have. Our island which fought for so much independence during it’s time occupied by the US, has just become still and acceptable to the everyday life we have, but how about the people living in Puerto Rico? How are they living? I read” El Nuevo Día” a Puerto Rican Newspaper, everyday. All I see is violence and the corrupted Government of Puerto Rico sticking it to the people. However no one does anything about it! Why is the US allowing American people to struggle this way? When Pedro Albizu Campos was the President of the Puerto Rican Nationalist party he fought day and Night for independence from the US, but he was put in jail and they made his campaign for independence almost impossible; for The US knows how to influence people through the media. The Spanish American war was provoked more by the media than the officials running Washington. Because American Business men wanted to take over the countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam the Philippines and South America, It created the famous Panama Canal a great asset to The US, for them to reach the Pacific Ocean. Everyone, but Puerto Rico wasn’t given Independence. So today let’s look at our Island, some rich, many poor, miles of land filled vegetation that is not being used or sold, but heroin and cocaine and criminal activity has taken over and the people are enslaved in their own country. Does Puerto Rico need to be state 51 so it could get the right attention and the law can retake the island back from the criminals, or is the US going to allow Puerto Rico to become the Mexico of the Caribbean? It’s time for action and the Government is losing the island. So when you are sitting back in your American home, eating pot roast or Italian food with your phony Puerto Rican Flag in your car? Think of all the people on your island being exploited. Think of maybe some of your own family in danger of being killed over a nickel bag of dope. Think of the education level how ignorant it has become. And think about how you are looked at as a second class citizen even if you do drive a Mercedes. We need to stand up and save our island.

By Tyrone Garcia.

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