The stars are out tonight!!

The night is here the stars are out and I look to the skies for a sign from up above. A star shoots from heaven to earth, I say “wow’” look at that!! Is the hope I’m looking for on its Way?  Will see; my thoughts are of happiness and love. My feeling is joy and gratitude, maybe the universe is ready to grant me my wish? Heaven knows I have been asking for years to give me what a want. My thoughts have steadily been positive, even when the negativity tried to invade my hopes, I would force positives to be stronger and my only feeling is peace. Why can’t people be nice to each-other without self-seeking motives?  The world is full of false people playing the role of God. Trying to put out your fire with fear of a hell that we live and create everyday right here on earth. Why not just live and stop the judging because it’s starting to get boring. Who am I? I am the light that shines and the temple of greatness, for love has not abandoned my life! I will carry my sword and slay the dragon who tries to fill me with contempt. I will fight through all the emotions which try to wake up that fool I use to call tough man from the streets. Here I am full of life, full of love, and full of strength.  For the powers of the universes have given me life to fight for what want. How do I know? The shooting star I saw was my conformation.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia

My book

“Soap that doesn’t clean” will for sale on Friday The 3/29/13 on

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