Happy Birthday My lovely daughter Jeanette.

Today is a great a day for it is the day my Daughter Jeanette was born 3/5/85. My little girl has done more for me than just be my daughter.  My whole new life of sobriety and the movement to Virginia was all her. When she was three years old, I was laying in my bed worrying about my life, and where I would end up.   I was fighting addiction in its worse way. She walks in with a newspaper and she is about to put it in her mouth and I say “Jeanette give me that” I decided to look at it and it was the jobs classified ads. There was a position opening up for Merchant Marine working for the United States navy as a civilian mariner. I decided to go further into finding out about the Job and 3 weeks later I was on a ship. My life was on a different course but heading in the right direction. The rest is history and in my book there are more stories of how things were and changed in my life. But I do want to grant my daughter a great 28th birthday. And continue on her success on a law degree.

I love you with passion and will always leave my doors and heart open for you no matter what, for if you bring life into this world you are responsible for it until your last breath.

May all our dreams come alive in 2013?

 By Tyrone Garcia

The book

“soap that doesn’t clean will be out late this month. 

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