My faith is My power!

Do we deserve any credit for the miracles that happen in our lives or is it only God? I believe we do. Everything that happens whether bad or good we deserve some type of credit. Why, because nothing happens unless we take action into the problem in hand. Our prayers and hopes are all considered affirmations. We believe in a power of the universe will fix our dilemmas. When our thoughts become real it sends a signal to our whole body and the universe that makes everything positive. It takes allot of discipline to believe that some form of power would save us from our shortcomings; given us the credit for allowing the miracle. I don’t think there is one person who can say they met God, but when you put all your beliefs on a power of the universe and don’t allow anything to make you negative, you can feel God. To me God is love and when you eliminate the bad thoughts from your mind and create a world of happiness and compassion you create God in your life. Spirituality has been my greatest weapon on daily life. We deal with all types of problems and debts. We sometimes give up and allow the negative to continue to grow. I have a hard time believing that God allows bad things to happen in order to teach us something! We all have free will and what we do with it is of our own doing. For example, if I tell you don’t go to that store 31, because it has been robbed 3 times in the last month, and you go and find yourself in the middle of a robbery and become paralyzed from a gunshot wound. Most people will say It was God’s will, I will say you are ignorant. God isn’t a game you can get cocky with.  God is an affirmation we pray to in our mind and believe. Faith believes in something you can’t see, but believe it’s there. Like when you are on a dark road at night you continue driving because you believe the road will never end. Do I believe in God which I call the power of the universe? Yes I do, but I also believe me and God work together, In order for God to work in my life, I must believe and take the action on helping the Power to work.Humility is what we really are practicing when believing in God. Mosses led the Jews from exile, a magic rug didn’t show up and pick up everybody and took them away. They had to take action and believe in Moses word for all that to happen. Did the power help? Yes, because, faith is what guided them into freedom. Every time something good happens to me I thank God for it and I thank myself, because for God to work in my life I have to believe in the Power of the Universe.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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