Make work fun not a concentration camp!

I don’t understand why people believe that supervising people in a harsh way is always the best. I have tried my best to allow people to take the responsibility to be independent from having a supervisor snooping around them all day looking for excuses to discipline them. If a person needs to be watched because they will take advantage if not watched, well that tells me one thing? There are losers and will never amount to anything, but a cheat. I believe all employees want to do their best, but when there are constantly nip picked their attitude becomes negative and the surroundings become negative also. Which means the store loses momentum. And it’s setting itself up for failure. The feeling of happiness and fun are always the right emotions and attitudes to have when trying to make money and grow in business. If the employees are enjoying their time on the job that means they will work and always come to work with a good attitude. I remember when I had the restaurant and all was going well we all had fun. The kitchen crew had theirs and the waitresses had theirs. While we have the music going in the kitchen and we filled our souls with great music our cooking was full of flavor and the aroma coming out the doors fast.  People smelling the spices and dying for a plate of our great food, but when someone came in a bad way the karma was bad and the energy was argument. The sales would be short and we would fail that day. It was better if we never opened the doors. I’m having that problem with someone like that, and it looks like I will have to motivate him in order to have that great karma we once had. I would like to see the work getting done as we laugh and joke and fill the register with over the budget sales every day. I will do it and I will generate the karma we need. Harmony is the only way toward success call me a nice guy, but yelling and working someone mentally is never the right way. When an employee is feeling bad the supervisor has failed the employee. Even if it’s not work related we should always try to motivate people into positive attitude no matter what. Employees have all kinds of problems and sometimes they just don’t know what to do. So they act out on anger in order to justify their feelings. Whenever someone has an attitude it’s not personal character it is a sickness of the mind and it needs attention. For we are all responsible for each other and God has made some of us supervisors of life. We need to follow through for the real goal is love and happiness. The universe is watching. May you all have a great day and life, and remember everyone is worth something even if they have failed on the job they are always worth saving.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book is in production and should be ready in several weeks.

“Soap That doesn’t clean”

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