Do the rules have us handcuffed.

The weekend is almost over and some of us will be back to work on Monday. You sometimes ask yourself what is life all about? Work pay bills and maybe a dinner or two and some vacation that flies by like a shooting rocket. You get old and say what happened! You still owe bills and even if your house is paid off and your car, here come the Government making life difficult by charging you taxes for something that has been paid off. Where is my capitalism? Why must I continue paying taxes on something that has been paid? I guess I will work till I die of a heart attack on the Job. But then there is not enough money for a proper burial so burn his ass. Can we get a better system than the phony one we have today. How about after paying off my house I really own it, not the government. I think the system is full of crap. They have a system that only enslaves you and makes you  work when you don’t have to, and the only capitalist that  get richer is the filthy rich and politicians. Am I challenging the status quo? Yes I am.  I don’t mind paying taxes for we need the money to build and help others. But how about cutting me some slack on my paid off house, and car. I can die and leave my Kids a home with no mortgage, but the tax man will make sure that they struggle to keep it. Well how about the Government just becoming communist and buying up everything and we just work for room and board. That way I don’t have to worry about being foreclosed or a tax lien on my home over my head in Tax debt and penalties. I always believed that this was a Government of the people, not for rich people and politicians only. I say politician because they have great healthcare and salaries so they don’t care. They sell themselves to the rich because the rich can give bigger donations than the ordinary Joe.  In the 1890s when the European people where still coming over most of them preferred socialism and communism, because back then the same thing was happening. The Populist groups would protest looking for the rights to be equal in business and looking for work. The power boys will always come and take over, small business was always in jeopardy of being taking down by the majors. The other day I got a bonus, not a million or thousands, a few dollars. The government takes half of that and leaves me with a few bucks. So they can fight the war on welfare, terrorist, and whatever else they can make up in order to take your money. Just stick the dagger in my pocket. It’s not fair. But what can I do? Nothing, I will just go to work on Monday and do my best. I will not fret, I will not Cry, I will not fight, for my freedom isn’t money!! It’ my mind that is seeing with all eyes not just one. In the end; the Powers of the Universe will have the last word. God!!!!   “The meek will inherit the earth “(Bible)   Matthew 5:5       

May your Dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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