Family is Greater Than Anything Else.

Family is the greatest gift of all. The bad thing is little by little the older ones leave, sometimes the young ones to. I remember this day it was a good day and I had much fun. I have always tried to visit family especially if they are close. As we get older we leave the old neighborhood and plant our roots in a new one. We meet new friends and create our new families. But what happens as the years go by? What have we lost? For our unity as a family has died. The fights, the separations, and the children with attitudes!  and of course something neither can stop: death from an illness. Life in general is a challenge we have our moments of sorrow where we need to lend a hand. Compassion is the key! Understanding instead of being understood is what we should follow. I read many years ago a prayer from a saint , ST. Francis he was a man who gave up his own lifestyle   in order to help others, even if he was suffering himself. It’s not easy allowing someone to cry on your shoulder while you yourself are going through your own little hell. But I have learned that the greatest feeling in the world is making someone happy. It’s like a rush to see a grown person act like a child, because you had something to-do with their happiness. That is what I have learned about family helping others even when you can’t. Life is all about creativity you can always create a plan to help someone. Not all is about money. My parents RIP gave so much and had so little. I remember my mother telling us how our dad was struggling when young, but I never missed one dinner at home. I never witness us getting evicted. We were a family of 7 and on a small paycheck it is almost a miracle how we survived. My parents who lived and raised us in housing projects in the Bronx N.Y. lived their last years in Virginia Beach Virginia and died in a great Home in Richmond Virginia, That same home in the picture. Thanks to me and my sister we gave them the suburban life. In their last year’s my dad did what he always asked for to be able to plant vegetation and watch it grow. My mom likes always complaining about something, but it was just her way of getting the attention she needed because her church running days were over. Instead of spending the week helping the priest with the weekly church schedule she was finally relaxing. God never promised us a great life but he never allowed us to fall neither. So I guess what my parents tell us is don’t worry and enjoy daily life, for the end will come and it all will be over, and another life starts… We will all one day be a memory to the rest of the family, but hopefully a lesson.

May your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that Doesn’t Clean” will be out late next month or early April.


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