Does God Really believe in War?

War to me is evil no matter how you present it. A great percentage of war is plain old greed. How does God get into this picture? He doesn’t  and he has nothing to do with it neither. We all think that God allows things to happen so we can learn. That sounds like the Spanish Inquisition and the crucifixion of Christ. We the people have all the faults in these wars that go on. The ones that suffer are the ones who cannot protect themselves, our future the children.  If I was God I would event another species from another planet that would come down here and destroy all armies and Governments. Then give the world back to the meek. So they could build again and this time understands that there are regulations that would annihilate us if we cross that path. We fight so we could be comfortable, rich, and able to do whatever we want. People should love one another and not hate over religion, race, creed or sexual orientation.  We are all responsible for our sins, so if we are wrong than we will deal with it. God does not tell you to enslave one another, God loves us all. He does not mind breaking himself into 30 types of people or 1,000 he loves us all. We need to start to follow that rule and forget about the national chain we are; Black, white, brown, yellow, red, religious of this religion or I am going to heaven and you are not. We all sound like children fighting over a toy that doesn’t belong to us. Nature has its ways of humbling the people. I don’t know what army is in this picture or if it’s even true, but that is what war does; hurts everybody in sight. I hope and pray for the world that we wake up and change before it’s really too late and are exterminated by our own greed. War and Greed is like a game of Pac-man it just keeps eating away till there’s nothing left.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean “will be out in early 2013- if there is a 2013,

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