Real Managers Manage.

Managers what is really their Job? To just listen to their bosses even though their bosses don’t have a clue of what’s going on; because you are too much of a wuss to confront them and tell them where they are wrong and protect your employees instead of selling them out in order to feed someone’s ego. I always believe that it’s about principal not personalities. Unfortunately in America we still suffer from big-shot-ism or I am the boss you do it may way. Companies fail because they panic when things are not going the way they want, and in that panic they make terrible decisions like “being harder on the employees”, “cutting back hours”, “pointing the finger”, “firing someone because they have to make a statement and the list can go on”. I have noticed that most important person on the job is the  employee, the one always being blamed for the failures, meanwhile they are not even planning, and are struggling to survive while the ones that are not even around tell you what to do. Whose fault is that? “The one running the store that just says ok” I will do that” without question. So why don’t we just plant idiots and just direct them since they don’t ever challenge the Big bosses. When I was  in my first year business I was noticing I wasn’t making enough to run the store. I did everything  drop prices, lay off employees, kissed the customers butt whenever they complained ; however It didn’t work. One day my dishwasher told me why don’t you do catering? My ego told me who are you? But my logic told me It makes sense, to have money made before the doors open for business. I did it and my sales went up 35%. I started offering larger orders of food for a discount price and other types of caterings like weddings, sweet 16, office parties, Etc. I kept that business for 10 years until the famous housing market destroyed me, I sold it in 09. I still get calls for catering and if I have the time I will do it for them. I learned that just because I’m the big boss, it doesn’t mean I can’t take anyone’s advice. Your biggest enemy can give you the answer to be successful. It’s up to you to control your ego or personal feelings about someone. In the world of business one stupid decision can make you lose thousands, or millions. However the Idea is not to panic, but to evaluate what you can do to bring in more revenue. For me I have proven to myself I can to whatever to overcome crises and my eyes are blind to personalities. I will always prevail.

Have a nice day  :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in early 2013

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