Walking across the bridge.

I walked across this bridge many times sometimes with fear especially late at night when alone, for you had to go that way to reach the #2 train. The #2 train will take you to the west side without changing. I also had to take it to 149th street in the Grand Concourse were I worked for 8 years at Hostos Community College as a maintenance man. In the middle there was the famous Bronx River were many drowned trying to find fun in swimming on hot summer days. They would jump right from the top of the Bridge some would make it, some wont, it was also a place were thieves would take stolen cars and strip them down to the frame. In the background is Bronx River Projects were I would live for 27 years of my life. I also died there not my soul, but my attitudes and addiction, as much as I thought that leaving would be the answer, It wasn’t  I got sober in the same streets as I learned to get high. Then I left with a clear new conscious that has brought me much success. Under that bridge they had illegal drag racing on Saturday nights; you couldn’t sleep because of the noise of the cars. And last!  starlight the baseball fields were little league played. I want to thank Chris cross for bringing  back this memory for there are good ones and bad ones, either way it was great to  see that this morning.

Have a nice day J

Tyrone Garcia.

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