Hurricane time, time to worry, panic, overspend, and make dumb decisions. Like leave your wife and kids behind to open a retail store. Emergency personal well they have no choice; however they have a procedure for the family and they are use to it already. The greed for money is always more powerful than life. When I had my business I never opened on a hurricane. But will open after. The problem with a hurricane is it could be the last time you see a love one, or could off save them. While you’re rich employer or CEO and the rest of the executive staff, are in their homes with their families, you are trying to make money for him while leaving your family in turmoil. What is wrong with this picture? Are we the slaves who go out and put ourselves on the front line for the measly pennies they pay us? Yes we are. The hurricane can bring a strong message, how about some family time away from your jobs. How about when all is destroyed all those who hate each other work together to rebuild what was destroyed by the terrible winds? And help those trying to drive to work; who are stuck in floods. The retail businesses should pay heavy fines for every person that needs assistance from emergency response personal, who has to sacrifice their lives for some poor guy forced into going to work. The biggest problem in hurricanes is stupid people period. Why must you shop in an oncoming hurricane? Why must you open your door? I remember back in 1994 I was on a ship. I was granted a few days off and a hurricane was on its way. I was living with my wife and 3 kids and all the hotels were full, so I had to ride it out in my home. The ship called ‘but I did not answer, I knew what they were calling for. The ships usually go out to sea to ride out the hurricane and in the past I would do that and send my family to the Hilton in Norfolk where they would be safe. There would not be enough time to do something for them. The phone kept ringing and I was nervous and feeling that I should pick it up, and be a good employee. A thought came to my mind and it told me you responsibility is to your family not a ship. “You took that time off for a reason so you could ride out the storm with your wife and kids” that can’t be replace. The ship however will travel south and away from the storm they will be fine. The time off was to go to NY, but the hurricane changed that idea. I decided not to pick up the phone and stay with my family. The hurricane hit and power was lost, but I was there to assist and help them and all went well. When the ship came back, I was told not to worry about not reporting to the ship, I was legally off. God has a way of granting you time at the right time. Like today I usually work Sundays, but I am off today.

Have a safe day and remember stay in your home. And be with your family :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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