My family in the early 60s

My family how long has passed since we were all together? Young and full of life,  faith would be our only hope for a bright future: but like the rest of the world we walk everyday trying to find the right path. We get lost on the way and find ourselves confused but somehow we find an open door and go through it, and find out it was the wrong one; than we are falling, and falling hoping for someone to throw us a lifeline. Begging for help!  Asking a God who we know by faith only not in actuality! But in our mind only, we see only a myth that we all hope is true. How many years would pass of the hurting feeling of failure? When will this God come and save me from this terrible ordeal I have I encountered? How can I find my family who I love so much and have been separated by daily life? I just remember the pictures of the pass and hope to rejoin them again!  Even the ones who left to go to that place called heaven. I miss them all Mom, Pop Angelo, Why did you all leave!  in the picture we were always suppose to be together. The youngest me, I get to be the last one to go as written in Life, since I was the last one to arrive. Sometimes when you lose people you don’t feel it until time has passed; but all is never correct even myself could leave early it’s when you have finished what you came here to do, is when is time to go. “Scared I’m not” for I believe that the universe will always keep us united in spirit. I have found the right door and I went through  it and have found the path to righteousness; I will continue until the picture is retaken again, in the everlasting life of God. I love you family

Have a bless day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book “Soap That doesn’t clean ” will be out soon

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