Tyrone Garcia, update.

Today I’m a new man no matter what news I get this is who I am a happy person who has confronted many obstacles. I have never lost my faith and I believe that the best years of my life are ahead of me. I took this picture in Puerto Rico in the hallway of the condominium I was staying at. It was a good day, I was on my way to my nephews wedding and I would see my family and have a great time. I’m 51 but feel like I’m 21 and as the days go by I feel younger, for I am not burning energy the way I use to. Sobriety has been great for me; being able to live sober one day at a time has been my greatest success. I now will come out with my greatest accomplishment; my book soon to be available to you all.. As I continue to edit the book I have made my decision to publish with iuniverse, the process will take up to at least February of 2013 or March. Which to me is perfect for I t will be 1 year from the time I had the motivation to start this project I have been working on. Let me just call it. The Spanish class that will always be a great story in itself, and a semester I will never forget along with the people I met. I will also add more to the book and give some more exciting episodes that I left out. However I will continue to bring you my daily experiences on this blog. Thanks to my future daughter-in- law Sonia Silva, I have been able to build myself and market this book using this blog which she helped put together,  That wedding is going to rock I guarantee you that. I will like to thank all of the people for supporting me and reading my stories, my views are at 1316 and for a guy who is not known that is good. I will continue to work hard in order to give you a great story in February or March 2013

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia;  Author of the book: “Soap That doesn’t clean”

One thought on “Tyrone Garcia, update.

  1. Beautiful! I am so proud to say that your my Father. Angelina is lucky to have a Father figure like you! Along side you I am sure she will grow to be as brave, as smart, and as
    wise as her Abuelo.:)

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