Time out on the frustration.

“Walking on campus wondering what I’m doing here” I say to myself hey! You have more knowledge than any of these kids; you have lived life and have overcome obstacles they could only see as an omen. You fought your way through the drug world, the ghetto, alcohol, a bad marriage, jail on some occasions, fighting. Mann you even had your own business and ran it for 10 years, wrote a book, have over 80 posts of stories on this website, lived in a big house had over 80 grand in the bank at one time and property, You did it one day at a time, sober 21 years. What in hell could they teach me?  Nothing!!  Give me the class I am going to teach the real deal, not that phony ass bull you will never see on the streets. Wait a minute, sounds like frustration here. This bitterness is not doing anything for you, but making you ignorant. Why is it that challenge always allows us to accept failure? Not everything in life was meant to be easy. Words are powerful whenever we get mad we shoot out all our frustrations and the universe is typing it down and sending it back to us. I do believe that my past has given me much education; however school has taught me patience and discipline. Having to read something you don’t want to takes a lot of discipline. In the movie the Karate kid the format his teacher was using had him angry and thinking he was being used, but when it was time for him to fight he was able to. The moves came easy for he was already using it. He didn’t have to think about it; his brain already had all the moves programmed. In martial Arts it is all about the mind programming itself and hitting where the mind would give the body a message of pain and your opponent will then become easier to beat. This semester I took karate class more for its teaching not it’s fighting. We as people never know enough and I do recommend if you like me, missed out on college when young; you must give it a shot. Never allow frustration to stop you from your goal! God will not bring you this far then drop you. We are all on a journey and must accept the adventures, for the adventure is the lesson.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon.

2 thoughts on “Time out on the frustration.

  1. Enjoyed the post! Continuing your education was perhaps one of the most powerful steps you’ve undertaken in your life. You’re building monuments that won’t crumble because the foundation is engrained and strong. Keep up the good work.

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