The bad past was only a dream.

Dreams what are there?, the subconscious talking, the future. I look at it, as messages from the past, present, and future. They definitely mean something. I have shared before how I had bad past, to me, I look at it as all being a bad dream and one day waking up tiered of it, and then changing. There is a story of a man called Segismundo  of Soliliquay  Who also had a bad past and was drugged{ I am talking the 1400s in Poland}. He was given the position of king, but turned out to be a very bad one. He killed and attempted to rape, and was put to sleep by drug. When he woke up he was told that he had been dreaming so he took everything as a bad dream. He came to the conclusion that his evilness wasn’t the way he wanted to live, so he changed. When I read that it taught me one thing, for centuries we have had problems that has brought us regret. Our power can either help us, or doom us. It’s funny how drugs always have something to do with change. However many of us can identify with Segismundo, how many of us has made bad decisions that made us wish we were dreaming,. I know, I wish I was dreaming, I lost a lot of money in business, between 1999-2009.  I don’t dwell on it; but the bitterness is there. The dream I love to dream is how I want my future life to be, I’m doing it today. You can get back what you lost, maybe in greater numbers, but having life is what’s important. I have had very good dreams and very bad ones; but I analyze both.  I keep a journal and I act when I have to. So I could fulfill my destiny. I remember the past clearly, but I use it as a tool; to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes, I made before. Using dream as a concept in order to move on with your life is a good one; especially for the people who had some terrible times. If you are recuperating from a bad past there is nothing you could really do but move on. Just look at it as a bad dream. The final words of Segismundo, was put in the form of a poem which I have used several times and was introduced to me, By Prof. Ginette A.Eldredge, and it has been my motivator and reason I have written a book and started this blog.

What is life? Frenzy, what is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story, and the greatest good is little enough: for all life is a dream, and dream themselves are only dreams, Written by: Pedro Calderon De la Barca.

Info on: Soliloquy of Segismundo /

Have a nice day

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t Clean” will be out soon

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