Pay me a decent wage and keep my job in America!

Is the world getting to expensive for children? The cost of babysitting along with today’s salaries is almost ridiculous. The husband, if he is still around works all day and sometimes a second job. The wife is doing almost the same. The child well he/she has become a burden for their financial budget. I’m talking about the common American who isn’t making 50.000 plus a year, and that isn’t much today neither. Why do jobs pay these welfare salaries and want to work the hell out of you? Landlord or slumlords over charging for an apartment that is only worth half the rent they are charging. Where is the middle class? Are we going towards rich man poor man? It sure seems that way. People are fighting on a daily basis trying to find a dream that has vanished from our country years ago. Old people who should be retired working at supermarkets, because they are broke, and are trying to subsidize their income. The average family today is almost down to 3 because children are becoming too expensive along with babysitting. When I was a kid it was 7-8 people in a family. Did not God say fill the world? Or is he also to expensive? Since I sold my business, I have been working a couple of years and I don’t see the financial growth, I just see a boss giving me more work. Prices are sky-rocketing, but salaries don’t budge. People are actually sharing apartments because they can’t afford the rent. Cars are overpriced and are made in a way where you have to take it to a dealer or certified mechanic. Along with being pieces of crap, when will it all end? Politics; Democrats and republicans are both full of themselves. All they do is go back in forth disrespecting themselves like two kids in a park, while the rest of America is sitting around waiting for them to do something. Homeless people asking for money on street corners I have seen families out their asking for money. Democracy my rear, we have been suckers to the media and the politicians for years. In the 50s, 60s, it was communism; it was going to take over the world. Today its terrorism, they played us again. They get the country pumped up so we could agree with them, than they screw us. How expensive is gas today. How many of us really were hoping the war in the Middle East was about getting gas prices to drop. They tried to do it to Chavez in Venezuela and the people got smart quick, they brought back Chavez and got rid of that puppet which America put in office  there. The media just feeding us bad information about Chavez, people not even knowing who Chavez is and insinuating he was wrong. One thing a learned in college it teaches you how to research before making decisions. When I research the past, America was a great country we had factories, manufacturing, farming, etc. Today it’s all overseas.  We are paying too much for the junk that comes from overseas anyway it should be an American making 12-15 dollars an hour with benefits. Remember: the people overseas  getting paid to make our products doesn’t spend the money in America, they spend it in the country that their making it in. One day the mall will be empty because we will not have any money to shop. So shuttle over the employees from overseas for they will be the only ones with a job.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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