Blame Man and not God!

My name is Jeanette Garcia and I am the daughter of Tyrone Garcia. For starters, I would like to say how proud I am of my Father for all his accomplishments. A man that has struggled with just about anything one can struggle with has proven that constant obstacles are no match for his perseverance and determination to beat adversity. Once you have read his book, you will be able to comprehend his blog posts and what has truly initiated them to exist. I have learned a lot from my Father about certain life concepts that tend to be covert from your average American. With his opinions of how Man is responsible for the deterioration of the Earth, from the hypocrisy of our democracy; to the vindictive realities of Capitalism; I have come down to many conclusions that has been very conducive to my understandings of who is truly to blame, and no it is not the devil. Man is morally responsible for evil doings and Man is held accountable for his actions.

Instead of blaming God for not reacting to the harshal punishments that the “innocent” people of the world go through, we should blame the ones that God gave free will to: humans. Man has been responsible for the reason why democracy has contradicted its purpose of being a government of the people, for the people, and by the people due to the diversity of society’s ideological concepts. Furthermore, the misuse and abuse of several ideologies have incorporated shame and failure for democracy all together. Because of America’s acts of imperialism, absolutism, aristocracy, and oligarchy, this quickly began to convert democracy into a form of government that moderately represented totalitarianism. Generally speaking, the conceptions of these immoral and corrupted ideologies began to shape democracy into a form of government that lost its ideal purpose of providing equal opportunities of liberty for all citizens. Another concept that my Father discusses a great deal with me is the cruelties of Capitalism. Capitalism originally was a progressive force that improved feudalism; however it has outlived its usefulness. In terms of how it affects society, Capitalism creates alienation within the work force. The controversial elements of alienation contribute to the exploitation of working class citizens while providing profitable benefits to the upper class. Moreover, the labor wages of the working class represent a mere portion of the wealth created by their hard work and an ample quantity is placed in the pockets of the upper class. And since I am keen on Marx’s theories of Capitalism, exploitation and being alienated from what they produced due to lack of private ownership, workers lose the satisfaction in their labor in which makes them feel more like slaves than your average working class citizen. I can go on and on how Capitalism has negatively affected the public work sphere, along with how it has deteriorated our planet as a whole due to how they abuse the Earth of its natural resources. Pollution for profit author Michael Parenti calls it. Humans were assigned by God to be caretakers of the Earth and instead they have eradicated it. Humans were assigned by God to love Him, each other and themselves and instead they segregate themselves and try to step on each other’s toes in the names of power, money, and ambition. Do not blame God for the world’s current predicament, blame Man.

Opinionate by J. Garcia

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