The will to win

What a week it has been 3 exams, I pass all 3, but  barely pass 2 test, Which means I have to study more, I did great in Spanish, being the only subject I care about.. Math, and biology, is my obstacle, a lot of reading is required in biology, and a lot of practice in math, along with my Job, that I have to manage employees and show results. My family saying I don’t give them any time, makes me want to just run away from it all. Aaaaaaaaah!!!  However the obstacles I have already beaten were much worse than those. Today I have been clean and sober for 21 years. I was a real mess back in the 70s, 80s, and today I am grateful for all the gifts I have. I will do better, but will not allow my mind to think of defeat for that is my biggest worry. The passing of my classes and receiving a degree means a lot to me, do I need one? No, I already have a career, but this will be my last goal, to receive a diploma from a college, just an  Associates degree, for that is all I want. Again something has happened in school; that has  motivated me. I was given an invitation to be Phi Theta Kappa, because I have a good GPA. My first 2 semesters were pretty much writing, Spanish, and speech, classes and a easy math class, However after my grade In biology they might send me to,” forget it kappa” so I say to myself, “wow” how would my parents, which are diseased at this time feel about one of their sons  graduating with honors? Their spirits will love it! for I believe they are still around. I guess I will have to turn on my engines and get ready to fight for a couple of years. I was considered not that smart when I was a child, which was not true. I will do it and prove to myself and those people were wrong, that I am smart and will fight all the way to the end, than after my graduation drive to the cemetery in cap and gown and go to my parents grave, plant my diploma and tell them “their trip to America from Puerto Rico wasn’t a total loss”.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean”will be out soon.

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