The right to protect yourself.

The right to bear arms is a good rule. Many people don’t believe it is; but I believe some of those people haven’t had a situation that put them in the position to hope they had one. In the state of Virginia if you have a clean record you can carry a weapon. You can even get a concealed weapons license for 50 bucks. Anybody can. Crime in Virginia Beach isn’t that bad, because many people here carry a weapon. I owned 3 guns myself at one time. I also have a license to carry.  I don’t carry one now, because I don’t need it. When I had my business I did carry it around daily. I showed my kids who were already teenagers and explained to them about how dangerous guns are. Education is the answer to everything. One night in the restaurant my wife notice 2 men outside and one went around back. She alerted me and I went to the back door of the restaurant. I pulled out my gun while on my property and acted like I was wiping it down with a cloth. The suspect came through the back and saw the gun and he backed up and said “whoa” I tell him, what are you doing back here? He says “I wanted to go to the bathroom” I said, why back here and not through the front? He said “I don’t want any problem” I said “fine leave” The other was sitting in the front most likely waiting for the other guy to come in. I walked up on him and told him that his friend is gone and that he should leave also. He was very scared for he noticed I knew they were trying to rob me. I had a conversation with him and told him, “Why are you risking you life for 100.dollars? People today use more credit cards than cash; you are wasting your time. He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him that I understood what he is trying to do, but that he should try to change his life and do something else other than rob people. He was very scared as he stared at my gun, and I had a big one. Most people would have detained him, shot the guy that came to the back door, and all kaos would have broken loose. This is not an exaggeration as God is my witness this happen just like I am writing it. The last thing I ever want to do is kill a person for they to have a family, but I do also, and need to protect myself and family, however In this case owning a gun was a great idea and nobody got hurt. When your mind is right your decisions are also. This is one law they definitely need in Puerto Rico.

Have a pleasant evening :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon



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