Thoughts are powerful

The law of attraction; something I learned in 2008. A gift given to me by my friend Sheila, “The secret” a book written by Rhonda Byrne, gave me new ideas and faith that my bad times were nothing but my own thoughts. In the beginning I thought it was just another hoax, but I have applied it to my life and things have happen. The book says that our thoughts are like a magnet that the universe was always listening and what we put out we receive in return. I have 2 great examples. When I decided to open the 2nd restaurant my first thought was more rent and will it do well? I worried a little, but felt confident for I had some pretty good capitol in reserves. The business took off like a speeding jet and our monthly sales were doubled. I was working day and night, but was ok with it because the results were good; however I always had in the back of my mind failure I was expecting it. In 2006 I bought my 2nd house and it resulted in 3400 dollar a month mortgage. All was well, I had money put away and a property in Puerto Rico sending me some money along with 35,000 a month in sales, life was good. Unfortunately in the back of my mind I was just waiting for the worse. Eventually it happened. Now as I was going down like the titanic my worries had my mind cluttered with fear and anger and the material became more important than everything else. I saw defeat for my empire I had built was being destroyed by my thoughts not by an economy. When I was given the book all I could do is just try to change my thinking; however the damage was done. I started to just believe someone would buy me out and I would salvage some of the money, but keep the business going for I had much pride in what I had for 10 years. Businesses were shutting down and people were losing them I feared the same, but I kept my thoughts strong. Come December of 2008 I was able to get a buyer and sold by March Of 2009. I attracted a buyer through my own mind. I just believed. Today I have another gift coming my way, it’s my first book. Since that day I have tried to envision everything I want. I start with being grateful for what I have, and always being happy for other people success, and thanking those for helping me. Never allow someone’s gratitude toward you be a burden for all the times you hear thank You the universe will pile up gifts that will be coming your way.
Have a nice day :0)
Tyrone Garcia
The book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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