It’s a hit.

There is nothing better than getting good news before going to bed. I will share with you all. According to my Editor, She has told me that my book is a hit. She says that the suspense is great and it keeps your eyes pinned to the book waiting to see what happens. I knew it all the time; I just needed another pair of eyes to read it. It will take several weeks than on to a publisher. Hopefully it will be out before December. Back in 1987 when I first thought about this I was running 3 miles a day and all I did was think of one day writing a book about my life, at the time it would have been good; however after traveling in Europe, the middle east, my 10 years of business and my first 2 semesters of college, gives me a lot more of a journey to offer. I want to thank my followers who have emailed me and those who have supported this blog. I will continue to write everyday for I am really enjoying my new career. I am almost there. God has been great to me.
Have a great evening
Tyrone Garcia.

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