Rebuilding isn’t easy whether it’s a marriage, finances, and health anytime you have to start over, it takes a lot of discipline and faith. The ladder you have to climb has no ending and your resources are small. No one believes in you, because you failed; so you have to motivate yourself into getting started. Than all the negative thoughts arrive and get you into deeper depression of what you have lost. Once you had something you liked or love it’s hard to replace! Or is it? You find yourself pointing the finger in order to take blame away from yourself, but at the end the finger moves like a boomerang and points back at you. Should you just lie in a puddle of despair and failure? Complaining helps, however after awhile no one will care or hear your complaints anymore for you will become a negative whiner. The answer is! Put one foot in front of another and keep on going. When I got sober back in 1991, I saw all the negatives and positives and made a list. I started getting rid of the negatives and started growing on the positives thus on my way toward a great and prosperous life. I did have several bumps on the road, but overcame every single one of them. I am In my latest one and after 2 years of complaining and sitting around yelling out WHY, WHY, WHY, I have decided to start a new journey; where it’s going to take me? I have no idea. I do know one thing I am enjoying it and will continue with it until something else happens and diverts me to another journey. Since 1982 I have had 4 careers, Custodian, Shop Steward, Merchant Marine, Car Salesman, Restaurant owner and Chef. Know I am a fulltime student and retail Manager, Plus writer of a book and the creator of this blog. The word Obstacle loves me, but I am to hard head to let it beat me. I grew up not getting much respect for I was one of few Puerto Ricans in an all white school, back in the 60s. I was told I would never amount to anything and for awhile they were right; however I have been given the strength of the universe to fight all the obstacles which confronts me, along with some angels that help me when I feel down. “Only a fool who follows materialism could be so blinded that he cannot overcome” “show me a believer who believes in oneself and I will show you a victory over life” “ I will move mountains in order to find happiness”
Have a nice day :0)
Tyrone Garcia
The book “Soap that doesn’t clean will be out soon.

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