Good Morning.

Good morning everyone I hope when you woke up you saw sunshine within you. It’s always a beautiful day when you wake up in your bed. Life is very important to be grateful for no matter how bad things are, because miracles happen every day and today could be your day. I am playing with my 11 month granddaughter and enjoying the morning. I see how playful she is and has not one worry. Her mind is only on playing and having fun; and of course exploring. We on the other hand wake up with yesterday’s worries, and problems, and continue on with our sorrow hoping some God of the universe touches us and changes everything. It never happens as for God has given us the tools to make all the miracles we need. He will show up once in awhile to give you a push and give you a hand, but we live the life of free will so it is all on you. I learned this the hard way, many decisions I made when I was in business. When buying material things I know I couldn’t afford I would say I’m helping people also and being a good boy! So God will find a way for me to keep them. Well when the hard times came I didn’t receive the help, as hard as I prayed God saw a user not a humble person. I lost piece by piece, but kept some the things I needed.. I still have a car from when I bought it almost 9 years ago. I loaned it to my son and some customers at times. I threw it to the side. For a new one I didn’t need. However when the bad times came I lost some of the material things, but my old Impala, which has no payment it is free to drive. The other day I looked at it and said “man it’s time for a new car”. The car does look a little banged up, but runs great. Is my ego talking again? Well yesterday at work In the parking lot I saw a family getting out of an old car that looked like?? Don’t want to say it. They all were happy and while in the store they bought a lot of stuff! I said to myself “when you are financially struggling you should accept what you have” buying on envy or impulse always brings disaster. The time will come that the new car will come, but first things first :wait until you can honestly afford it, and be grateful!! because others are walking. God will not feed egos he will only feed your needs.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “ Soap That doesn’t’ clean will be out soon.

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