Diversity is our real race.

I never understood racism I dealt with it a lot growing up in the late 60s and early seventies. When you do a study on the world you could see how everyone is connected. When I was sailing through the Mediterranean Sea and stopped in port I noticed how the people were more olive color than the northern Europeans. On one side North Africa on the other southern Europe. Well for several centuries the North Africans conquered the southern European’s. There are lots of Moorish castles Throughout Southern Europe. In 1492 Columbus would meet the Indians, let’s face it he didn’t discover anything. So Spain conquers the Caribbean. Last I heard Spain was a European country and they were olive color and white, then they decided they needed more help so they brought in the Africans. Now we have African, Black, European, white and some mixed with North African, and now the Indians, because we all know how that turned out. I haven’t graduated from college yet, but that pretty much looks like a diverse group of people. You can’t see the genes on the outside, but believe me it’s in the blood.  I am Puerto Rican, was it called Puerto Rico in 1492? No. The Spaniards named the islands; of the new world they incorporated themselves with. However we were all the same people, Indian, African, European, and some Asians were also in the area, they helped built the railroad. There was also no immigration problems in those days’ people come and go. We were becoming mixed breeds Mutts. The same in the United States, this gives me a sigh of relief; because I am part of everybody around me, in some form or way. If you hate a black man you hate yourself. If you hate a White man you hate yourself. If you hate a brown man you hate yourself. If you hate a red man you hate yourself, and if you hate a yellow man who is also part of the human race, you hate yourself. It’s funny how all the races fit in one hand. Five races five fingers, together it makes a big fist. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. What angers me is all these years we have spent so much energy on hating ourselves, because off skin color! How stupid!!!. The character defects of an idiot can really carry more idiots into a frenzy of false pride and ignorant attitudes of someone who could be your brother. America actually spent decades fighting over people who were in the same blood line. The money that was spent on white sheets could have paid for a whole city. Well we know now, so maybe it’s time to change and move on to whats important helping our fellow man and woman.
Have a nice day :0)
Tyrone Garcia
My book “ Soap That Doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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