slow down

When having problems in life the best thing to do is take them one problem at a time. Sometimes when overwhelmed by them we have a mental explosion and start to pray and become a victim of our own tardiness. Prayer is good because prayer is an affirmation of what we need; affirming is always the first step. I remember one time I had several scenario’s in my business that had me in a corner thinking .I was behind on bills, I had a deadline for a catering job some employees where late, and one was absent. I went into the walking fridge and” screamed’. I was trying to do everything at the same time. If I was an octopus with 8 arms maybe I would have had a chance, but no way. I got a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote down what I needed and one by one, I took care of it. The mind when upset and worried can’t think. It’s always confused. The practice of meditation in the morning is always the best exercise you could do. The mind needs to be exercised so it could conquer the daily problems we have. We try to do so much that we wind up becoming old before our time. What is money and success if we are not in tuned with ourselves and especially not happy. Our jobs and bills control our lives more than we do. We live in a world that is material not harmony. We act like we are doing the right thing but are we? I’m not saying we shouldn’t work and make money, but for how long one could live in the way of just chasing something that never shows results, spiritually. We need to balance ourselves with daily life. I have kept a journal on myself and the world surrounding me for the last 21 years. Keeping an eye on your daily life is the real success. When writing you daily routine and looking at your actions and changing from bad to good; we start to see changes that will be a great asset to us. It has worked for me and many others, “No life cannot be happy without change on a daily basis.” We are all something special and we should all find out the meaning of why we are here. Being part of the solution is the real success.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book” soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon


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