Your will be done

Alleluia it’s Sunday! For some of us Football for the others Church or just some recreation around the house: all of it is great. As for me I dropped my daughter and her daughter of in church this morning. They both looked great and hopefully ready for a good sermon. I have to go to work instead; but, I make my church wherever I go. I have in my last so many years stopped going to church for my testimony isn’t good enough. My healing of my past problems with alcohol and some terrible character defects were not cured by Christ. That the 12 steps of AA were not for real; I have 21 years of sobriety because of those 12 steps. Let me tell you what really chased me away? One time I was going to this church on a constant basis they will cater from me and take advantage of my generosity I would cook from my restaurant and feed 200 people for 400.00 dollars they knew I was struggling, but would tell me God Will help me. I never received God’s help; but they kept ordering with a “God will help you” credit card. I stopped going because between the 10% and almost free catering I was going broke. I then went to another; during the sermon I drew a picture of all religions from different churches all under the same roof. Then I drew a big meeting place whereas after every service all the people of all religions would join together and share what they all have learned. I tell the pastor and show him the drawing; and says ´this will never happen because we are different” I then said “what is the point of going to church.” God helps us but we are the ones that do the helping. People like to use God as their way of saying,” good luck,” but call on him “I can’t do anything for you.” Did God lead the Jews out of exile? Or did he use Moses to do it? ( I read this in exodus in the bible) Imagine mosses saying” hey God will help you” and not do a thing. We the people are a representative of God” or whoever you chose to believe in” and must on earth do our part to help our fellow man and woman. Free will is what runs the earth the choices you make are yours not God. However the things you do are what lets you know if it’s Gods will or yours.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book” Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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