Miracles at a Restuarant

It makes me feel good when I see people doing great and enjoying life. Especially when in some way or form I had something to do with it. My old restaurant Teresitas Latin grill, along with El Latino Deli& Bakery, which is now a story buried in the archives of Holland Road, In Va. Beach Virginia. Many people went there and many got married with someone they met at the restaurant. The music was always going and the bar filled on the weekends; it use to make me feel happy. For I was given back to my community, the restaurant was Puerto Rican food but all was invited. The signature plate Roast Pork with Rice and beans. Mojitos, and piña coladas along with rum and cokes were the drink of choice. I remember young sailor who lived across the street he was from Jersey. He was very smart and wise with his money; he pretty much had dinner there every night as he was alone. The kind of kid you want for your daughter, but daughters don’t like. There was one girl who was looking for her prince charming and one day My daughter who was also my PR girl at the restaurant set them up with a date; they married a few years later and  today you just could see the glow of love between the both of them. I eventually had to sell because Of some bad investments and the housing crash of 2007-08  killed me; and only the rich bankers were given loans to survive not us small guys.. I sometimes missed the place, but believe God has me in a different life today and Gods will is my will. However I still receive dividends from the restaurant not the money but the people  who’s lives where touched by the Restaurant.  I had the privilege of witnessing 4 marriages come out of that place; It has been the best investment I have ever done.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My Book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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