Good Thoughts

One of the worse feelings in the world is when you lose something that you really loved; whether it is a person, animal, or thing. We have a Billion dollar industry that plays part into that emotion, the music business. How many of us just sit around and listen to music trying to relive the past of whatever it is that we lost. I cherish the moments in my life that at times become seconds when we are enjoying the companionship we are with. I store every good moment in my mind so when times are bad, I could remember how good it use to be, however we tend to make our bad experiences stronger than our good ones and  we put up the force field of skepticism. Example: hear goes a person who had a bad relationship, in comes another, but this time the new person will have to deal with extra drama that neither one of you needs. You find yourself becoming a terrible judge of character and losing  people who will maybe make  your life better. You sit and wonder why you can’t find someone. It is almost in insanity, because you continue with the same mentality over and over expecting better results, but the results are always the same, lonliness. The bad thoughts have taken you into the;” I’m confused zone” then falling into depression making Walgreens your monthly date. It sounds pretty erratic, but it happens every day of our lives. I allow myself to only grow on the good thoughts and  create scenarios that has not happen yet; which are my goals. All my thoughts have come true. I’m not a realist; I am dreamer who makes his own dreams come true. I have always dreamed of writing and sharing my thoughts and here I am today doing it. Have a great day.

Tyrone Garcia

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