Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. It is my country and I am proud of it. I call it the United States Mistress because they treat us like the girl on the side you never commit to but you will not leave her because you are married. The people are imprisoned. Drugs and corrupt government officials control the island and are not helping the people. The Island is falling apart and the United States will not do a damn thing. I wonder if North Carolina had the same problem, Washington would turn their back on them. There is just too much crime for such a small Island. Puerto Rico needs some heavy Law enforcement in order to reduce the crime and enhance education on drugs so that children will refuse it when offered when they get older; then we could start putting an end to the problem. Drugs will never leave, but you could educate on how not to use it. The Government in Puerto Rico is struggling a lot due to several dishonest politicians; which some are lawyers. What do lawyers do? Find a way how to prove innocence, regardless if the client is guilty or not. Hey do not get me wrong, we need lawyers and they provide us a great service. But when your politician is a lawyer he only knows the law not what the country needs. Engineers make better politicians, also philosophers, Doctors, Teachers, and business minded people. These are the people we need to run a great country. Puerto Rico has lots of natural resources that could bring much money and build its economy. For instance, plantains and yucca are sold in Virginia Beach and throughout the South. Puerto Rico has tons of bananas, plantains and yucca but the United States prefer to buy from Ecuador and Costa Rica. Why not us? Do we not buy potatoes from Idaho? If there are people on welfare, then make them work for their check until they get a job. I guarantee you after working hard in the fields they will find a job. There is many ways to put people to work and build an economy; it is not just letting the country fall. One of Puerto Rico greatest Governors was Munoz Marin: he was a Poet and a Journalist. He was the first to be voted into office by the people of Puerto Rico, before they were appointed by the United States. I just hope and pray our beautiful island can go back to the way it was before it became infested with drugs and crime: where people are getting killed over a little money in their pocket.

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