Growth in oneself

The years go by and we continue to grow everyday on what the journey brings. The most important is we look at life as a school that is needed for us to learn. We all can see that struggle is big on a daily basis, but we always find a way to overcome them. Corona Virus has been our biggest challenge this year of 2020 and we see ourselves wondering if our lives will ever be the same. I wear a mask at work everyday and has become a challenge for me, but i have to wear it so i don’t get sick. We are living in worried times and its scary. People are fighting back because of police brutality and some even want to defund the police and trust in our own selves to protect society. Lots of guns being bought by people of fear of themselves having to protect their property.. what do we do? for me i stay focus on God and i hope that at the end he protects me.. I feel that being judgmental always bring the worse out of us. If we judge ourselves and try to change and teach our kids to love instead of hate we may have hope for the future generation that is growing. Adults today are to far gone, and trying to bring back the past and living in justified anger. When will we understand that we all share the same feelings and emotions for we are mortal our genes may have some difference, but we are all the same. I pray to the universe that we stabilize our minds to be more compassionate and understanding for we all will die the way we live…..and when judgement day comes our emotions will be happy  not  fearful



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