Sunday mornings 

Sunday mornings are always great for it’s a day of rest and family. 

I wake up and hug my wife and kids than start to cook breakfast like my dad did for me inwokld do for mine..Potatoes eggs and bacon would be the meal with some bread and juice.

That is surely is  heaven .. There no struggles or mandatory obligations for we are living the life we should ..

for me I praise God everyday I wake up and decide to love myself , family ,and pass his message to the world I come in contact with. 

Keep it simple I learned in my recovery don’t do things out of obligation but from your heart ‘ !! for God knows who is true and who is false.. and when you do things from your heart life tends to work better..

Today I will enjoy my family and pray throughout my day repeating to God thank you for all the blessings you have given me..


TYRONE Garcia 

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