Happy New Year 

How fast did 2016 go. It felt like yesterday was Jan 1st 

But there goes another year gone! 

Working to pay the bills and seeing your family less has increased ..

Although the money feels good but what is money if you have no life and family becomes deceased!  

It’s like living in a world of only mist walking with no sight and not seeing an ending !!

Today I make time for my family even if my eyes are shutting closed from all the work I do..

But 2017 will be better for today I know my weakness .

to spend my time trying to take care of all the bills . 

Instead off having fun with my family and receiving lots of love and thrills..

I pray to the almighty and ask him for one more favor ?

And that’s is to teach me how to be content ,happy ,and have faith in my savior..

Happy new year to you all 


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