Thanksgiving and Christmas ..the holidays where we all sit and enjoy dinner together and Christmas Eve morning we did the same an addition open presents which as a young child was an exciting day for me.. “the march of the wooden soldiers” “Miracle on 34th street ” and “it’s a wonderful life ” the classic movies black and white ,of course there were more. Yet those where great movies with morals .. only essential people had to work, Everything else was closed. .. the sad part is as we get older everything changes and that is the difficult part for many of us family members are gone or you live to far away. But like a captain who passes on the hat to the next man shall continue and do the same.. we are responsible to continue the family traditions. We must not let them down for they also had the same difficulty and gave us a wonderful holiday when they had to.. but yes I miss my parents, and 2 brothers who are gone and how I would love to even In dream time relive those days with them all . May all have a great week and final month of the year and remember love and gratitude is what will save us from the darkness that tries to take our happiness… 


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