Election 16

This year’s elections has been nothing but a big joke the candidate ate trying to discredit each other by saying gen/ she lies or emails or divorces and what kills me is their politicians !! so of course they’re going to have many bad skeletons in their closet’s there’s never been an honest politician anybody that thinks that their is are delusional.. for me to even think about switching my vote you have to come to me with more than stupid lies or emails which we as people do every day anyway .people every day lie people every day send information they shouldn’t send ,people every day do things they shouldn’t do .. we are a hypocrite society !!yes we are a hypocrite society …we only want to be honest when it comes to us getting what we want. So all of you out there in the so called I’m honest world .. please give me some information that will help me make a better decision this year ..stop telling me what I already know… all politicians are crooks and don’t care about the people just their on family and friends ….but unfortunate we have to vote for someone..


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