A short story 

There was once a man that always struggled with people. His immediate family always loved him and knew what type of man he was , but it was always those that tried to bring the worst out of him.. He always wanted to make people happy, but always failed into doing so because there was always a lot of evil spirits trying to bring him down. One day while he was walking A spirit showed up and asked him why you feeling so down ? The man said “I’m tired of people treating me terribly and always trying to bring the worst out of me” …the spirit said ” young man you have great blessings on the way those people are just trying to keep you from getting your gifts ! remember life is a journey and there will be good people and bad people. The enemy will try to keep you away from your goal and they will do their best to bring you down .. whereas good spirits will help you with your goals… so my young man look at it as an education, because when your blessings do come and you have reached your goals those bad propale are the same ones that are going to try to be your friend so they can bring you back to the miserable person you was before….TG 

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