A prayer 

Decided to walk into the church this morning for prayer it opens everyday at 5 am for those who want to pray. I awakened today at 5:04 and myMind quickly told me to go and pray for it was needed. When I first came to California this would be a new beginning going to this Christian church.. I would go with my new family and a very special person who has passed away my wife’s grandmother Angela, she is missed deeply by us all.. It was primarily her church that she attended.. From her started a chain of baptism for my new family dating back several years including myself recently .For the little time I knew her she was the anchor for this family for many years a great women who I loved myself.. The other morning I was walking in the house and I saw her in vision standing in front of me. Nothing happen but I looked and stared and I felt as she was telling me to get back into the church at least I perceived it to be that way..I can be wrong it could all be in mind as a fantasy, but if she was alive today I know I would be there on Sunday standing next to her and the family. I will honor that and even thou the current situations has made my work schedule hard for me to be off every Sunday until I get my promotion that will free up my Sunday’s I will make a better effort to get there I owe her that much..and most importantly I owe God for without God in your life prayer is meaningless … Love you grandma 



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