A rough seat 

I sat in a chair like this as a child in the late 60s I was 7 years old the history I was taught was a history that I could never understand …The religion I was taught I could never understand ..The only thing I understood was that I was dark skin Latino and the rest of the kids in the class were white and accepted by society as perfect.. I don’t hate nobody today …I was taught racism in that chair. I was taught that I was different, that I was supposed to be in gangs. I was supposed to drink alcohol and be bad. I was not promised a good life . I would be called stupid and will be always scared to answer any questions because I always thought that the other kids where better than me because I was dark!  “how dark is life when the world tells you your not worth anything, but they offer you a bottomless pit of disaster”
as I grew I accepted my future, but a day came when the light told me  the color of my skin is not what the color of my soul. I became blessed by that light and I was able to become the man that I am today. though there’s vault of many bad memories in my mind of the past!! I know as long as I stay in the light the past could never come back to haunt me….

Tyrone Garcia 

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