A prayer in the sun 

I like sitting on my porch looking at the rays of the sun in the form of a cross ..it gives me great insight that the universe is in control ..some of us go through a lot of obstacles and we wonder what’s happening to our prayers. Well prayer is an affirmation prayer is us affirming that we want something, but if the faith behind that prayer is not strong and you’re just expecting things to happen without believing in your own words then the results will be the same nothing . if we believe in the words were saying and in the prayers that we are offering to the Universe then the reality of your your wants may actually happen …what we put out comes back to us . if we put out negativity negativity comes back if we put out positive positive comes back ..we must always be happy and humble and grateful for what we have at the moment so that the blessings can start pouring into our lives . We should live abundantly!! we can have anything we want , but it starts with being happy with in your heart and believing that it’s going to happen or that you already have it …have a blessed day


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