Humility will make us rich 

I don’t believe I came to the world 

To be someone’s slave ,however people like to enslave those who are humble. 

People like to use and abuse those who are meek and seek prosperity like them . 

The problem is no longer about color because my own kind likes to take advantage of the good people also..

I walk as God wants me to it may not be like you ,but it sure is righteous… For God has planted us in many different situations in order to pass his message. But as I walk I see many false people acting like they care ,but they don’t !! I see the evil trying to keep us soldiers of God down and trying to keep us in the abyss always struggling !!  

But God will seek all those who stood humble and followed him and the real riches of life will be awarded to those who were faithful in heart , not in breath…

Tyrone Garcia


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