My political view 

To all my political friends Everyone brings down Hillary because of her lies or criminal actions …lmao !!what politician has not been judged this way. She most likely is everything the tabloids say about her, but what makes trump or any other politician any better ? They are all liars, cheats , and dishonest, because this world wouldn’t know how to handle a honest politician who really wants to make a difference ! It’s this easy people .republicans are for those who are rich and are looking for tax loopholes and democrats are socialist looking to spend tax money on those who are down and out!

It’s that easy and to finish my feelings about the whole political bull . In 2008 my Bussiness could of used 10,0000 so it can survive , the US government bailed out the rich bankers by lending them billions of our tax dollars to save the financial market and for company’s to be able to still borrow money for The big company’s and friends.  

Meanwhile I walked into Bank of America for a loan and was turned down. I was forced to sell my small Bussiness and than got killed in taxes that my family would be in debt to for several years until we paid it. So my attitude is they are full of junk it’s about the rich and that’s it. So for the middle small American guy he has nothing to lean on ,but the poor can live of welfare and the rich can get loans from their pals in the banking and federal systems it’s a joke !!!who I’m voting for not trump even though growing up in Ny he was my idle as far as wanting to be him financially .. But his followers not all on the social media has been racial and angry people. Not all his supporter but most of them are. But if wins I really don’t care because at the end of the day my president and commander and chief is God


Tyrone g

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