The enemy in disguise 

Why must we always take back what we have given to God.. We ask God to help us but within an hour we are again trying to control everything. Faith is more than just saying you believe !! Faith is walking in 
he darkness and believing that God will take your hand and walk you to the light. Their is a big difference but our worries condemn us into becoming unfaithful.   Today’s world is so full of problems and hate is the number one issue we are dealing with. The out of control people that are making hate decisions are the ones we need to pray for the most….it’s looking like money isn’t the issue anymore. Bad Cops, people, political activist, terrorist are all making the world a difficult place for all of us to live and be happy. Social media has gotten to the point that all it wants to show is videos of things that bring out the hate in us. Are we doomed? I guess we just might be, for innocent people are getting killed in the streets over peoples hate of politics and government !!what can we do ? ..,,,Pray pray and pray ….for its not the people , bad cops , political activist, and terrorist 

It’s the enemy in disguise…..

God bless

Tyrone G 

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