Different but walking 

The spiritual life can be so hard for some of us for not everyone understands what spirituality means. My first 7 years of sobriety was living on and off a ship traveling the world mostly Europe and the Middle East .. I had to learn from so many different beliefs for I was on a spiritual walk. I was molded more universal than just one sided, but sometimes I believe that’s how God wanted me to be. I have been in and out of so many groups for I can’t understand how just one group can be so righteous and the rest are not. For me I will continue to follow one thing and that is to respect the law of God and to never judge so harshly ,but never allow someone to judge me away from what God molded me to be. Maybe people will never understand, but as long as God and I understand I’ll be just fine…God bless

Tyrone. G 

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