Struggle is the most common problem in everyone’s life,there’s no way around it.The problems are real and we have to deal with them. How do we attack them and win ? I believe what has helped me to get by always is being sports minded, and prayer.. Sometimes we expect God to just take away our sicknesses, finances ,and family problems, because we show up to church and give our little donation and believe we did our part far a pardon from struggle ,but at the end of the day we still have them. Our faith should be in God ,but we must also have faith in ourselves to be able to conquer our struggles. When I pray I pray for God to give me the power to win the battle. Than once that battle is over another shows up. It’s an ongoing thing but at the same time we learn about ourselves and how life should be lived. Pain is the touchstone of growth.

We create our own situations which means we can win when they backfire. For God told Noah to build an ark and Noah struggled and made the ark, if he would of sat around and waited for an angel to build it he would of drowned and God would have had to get someone else. We must all learn to fight and play on the field. Life is like being on the football field and you are the quarterback you threw an interception and you get the ball back and have 30 seconds and need a touchdown to win the game….

God bless 

Tyrone G

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