2016 is here and we’ll on its way to another year of the same bullshit!!! it’s an election year. The Same crappy debates and talks immigration, terrorist , protecting our borders and how can we be a strong nation again lol maybe if they talked about more better paying jobs, education, and trying to bring back the American dream for everyone to have a home and a car without half the country being behind on there bills and destroying there credit because they can’t make ends meet than maybe we can bring back the America that meant something to us all. Many people are living payday to payday because prices on housing .goods and oil just continue to go up and our pay checks dwindling, corporations demanding so much from there employees, but they make up a million excuses not to give you your demands pay me what I’m worth. Student loans charging crazy interest before you get a job forcing you into deferment so they can continue to kill you financially maybe one day we will talk about that ..I really don’t care about immigration or terrorist which half the time are our own people terrorizing ourselves , cops killing or beating prisoners or people hating on people because of religion race or creed lmao the whole country has gotten less aggressive towards building prosperity for all instead we are all riding on the Titanic….TG  

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