The dark abyss

The abyss can be deep and darkAs I float down the funnel of obstacles 

I see myself in despair 

And unaware of more darkness covering the light

Ohh my !!! what has become of me?

Will I ever see the sun shine again? 

I think not for my abyss is with no hope

But I will run like a stallion on a raceway 

So I can try to climb out of the abyss 

Run run run I do for im sacred of the darkness That follows.

I see light for my faith has not abandon me!!

Here comes my angels to carry me out of the abyss !

How happy I am for the sun will hit my face once again!!!

So goodbye my dark abyss I’m free not from my running but from my faith.. 

Thank you God I’m free..

By Tyrone Garcia 

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