the dark Sea 

The sea of darkness is full of wickedness, when your find yourself sailing through it you become wicked yourself, how does one stop such a drastic change of mind and spirit? You become lonely and do the opposite of everyone else, even if your being played a fool you never change who you are,for the last judgement of your life will be of your actions not on one else’s …you are responsible to be a soldier of God and not a week spirit for the devil… Hate , envy, despair, greed, and discontent with life is all the food one can feed himself when conquered by the devil… It’s hard to be happy and grateful when the chips are down but when everything looks gloomy is when you need to pick yourself up and trust in God ….for its when your at the bottom of the abyss but have not lost faith is when you truly show who you really are…….By Tyrone Garcia 

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