The tale of the unknown mind

The world around us can look good or it can look ugly! What gives us vision is our own emotions about what we feel about our surroundings may it be family, employment, or neighborhood. We preach to the choir about God and how we should live our lives but we all have one thing in common ! We have allot of work to do on ourselves. God put people, places, and things around us so we can Learn about what we need to change in our lives. The brain can do many things because it’s a program that continues downloading the information and experiences we encounter. We were all born with a blank mind and a heart that will feel love. However the experiences we had pretty much becomes the programming we have and we defend our selves based on the pain and suffering we experienced. In that is where we must let go and start to see and accept the good experience starting in our lives. We keep our guard up, but only when past problems return in the same fashion and protect against it. Life can be hard or can be easy it’s how we perceive it and go through it on a daily basis. Every new experience should always be allowed to measure out in our lives to see if what,s coming is an oasis of happiness and great times. We should never allow our past to get into the way of the new. For the past bad experiences are sneaky !!!! and it will continue to conquer you if you let it….
Have a nice day 


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