There was once lonely caterpillar who roamed the earth looking for freedom. The little thing can only crawl and would always crawl into a a spiders web of problems . But the caterpillar would crawl and crawl but would still have the same results. She would pray to the universe and ask why cant she transform her life into happiness and the universe said ” you can my friend but you must be able to let go” she tried and tried as the years flew by but nothing. One day she heard another caterpillar voice with the same problem he was trying to transform also but couldn’t. They would communicate spiritually and share all the time and would accept there lives as it was. They laughed and joke and shared love together and started to find hope. Then the day came and they finally met each other personally and when they did they transformed in two beautiful butterfly’s and flew away into a world of love and happiness..By Tyrone Garcia 

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