Faith works 

The day has been great and meditation is always the way to go when needing time to relax. We tend to overwork our selves when God is telling us to enjoy the time off he has given us. Why must we even think of tomorrow when today is just starting? The worlds problems can bring you down, but the spirit if followed can keep you up. We sometimes envision our shortcomings in a negative way because of our past and we start to swim in the abyss. But when we dump the past and look at the new with faith the God has prepared our path we walk in peace and our days become great. The Devils biggest playground is the mind it likes to bring you thoughts that baffle you and keeps you in fear instead of in positive faith. We must everyday trust in God and not in our fear, for God did not bring us so far to than let us down.. Life is journey not an omen we live and learn and try to enjoy our day and give love to the world and in that you are rich….



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